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    Cert issue with Java 1.7 vs Java 1.6?

    Jim Stout Level 1

      As part of our Java Update process, I’ve been updating the Java version that our ColdFusion servers (9.0.1 Cumulative Hotfix 4) use from Java 1.6_xx to 1.7_17. Overall, no issues, except… when trying to connect to a couple of internal servers via cfhttp (https).


      I have imported the existing certs, (that we have been using successfully with Java 1.6_xx) into the 1.7_17 keystore, and yet I get an  “I/O Exception: peer not authenticated” error. This in most cases, implies that the certificate is not valid. However, if I point ColdFusion back to Java 1.6_xx , it the cfhttp call works fine.


      My theory is that, for some reason, the certs are not “quite right” and whereas Java 1.6 accepted them, Java 1.7 is more strict in regards to certs.


      Has anyone else experienced this, or have some advice?


      Thanks in advance...