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    RH9 HTML: Publishing Deleted ALL Content from ALL Topics

    Richards_Daddy Level 1



      One of my writers was working in a large RH9 HTML file yesterday as per usual, doing nothing out of the ordinary. When he published the WebHelp and Printed Documentation, the results were blank... all topics had no content. When looking in the Project Files pod, each topic was there, but had a red X on the icon, and properties for each one said that topic was "Missing." There was nothing in the PDF or the WebHelp. Again, he did nothing out of the ordinary, he just published those two outputs as he always has.


      Since we have a script that backs up these files daily to a versioned environment, we were able to get back good files without the need to recreate too much work, and I'm having this writer blow away and reinstall his version of RH9.


      Has anyone run into this before? Is there anything we should look into? I'm worried this will happen again.


      Thanks in advance!