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    flash player says its installed but is not working- please read


      Hey everyone!

      the past few days I have easily spent several hours working with my flash player. First- it was saying I needed to put in the latest version, so I did, it said it worked but when I tried to watch videos or play a game etc I got an error message saying I needed flash player 11. and I went through that process countless times. I restarted my computer, ran my virus software, etc. when none of that worked I just disabled and trashed ALL of the software I had downloaded since I had had the problem including my current flash player and adobe. Just now, I tried to install the flash player again. It seemed to work great- it said it installed and I clicked finnish... but, behold, I go to watch a video for school and I have the same problem. I tried to change the computer type to the otehr windows 7 option for the download, again it seemed to work fine and downloaded and told me it was finished... but I still can't view my video or do any games etc online. I have worked with the IT department at school and with family... no one can figure it out. it should be working as far as we are all concerned...but it is not and I have school work to do.

      If someone could please help me I would much appriciate it! if this is a glitch with some adobe thing- PLEASE fix it asap. I have work to do!