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    Downloading Flash Player




      I am prompted to download flashplayer when on internet explorer on Moshimonsters.com. On Google Chrom it plays with no problem. So I downloaded the f-player. But had to also download Chrome without having a choice.

      On i explorer however it still says flashplyaer has to be downloaded. So tried for 2nd time. it downloaded it and recognized that Chrome was already installed (but no mention of previous fplayer download which is fishy)

      So I did a third time, this time Mc Afee started co-installing besides the flashplayer. What is this supposed to mean?


      I don't want to have another virus protection. They would collide and cause lots of problems. There is no place to tick  or untick what is downloading.


      All I want is the flash player, it does not seem to work, I could probably download it 100 times and it would still do it for the 101 times!?!? And everytime some unwanted guest appears alongside the flashplayer download bar.


      Please help me make sense of this