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    IMM4 VCM Codec Support


      I have some security camera footage I need to analyze for a client.  It's a 704x480 AVI using an IMM4 codec. It plays in WMP on several computers, however PPro does not like this codec. IMM4 VCM is new to me, but after reading up on it, it appears to show up in several security DVR products.


      I'd like to get Adobe PPro happy with this format so I can load the files.  I want to tile them up and scrub through hours of footage.  Also, it is imperative that I maintain the quality of the picture (well....it's a poor quality image...typical surv cam footage....but I cannot afford to alter the image any further) and if I cannot get PPro hip to this format natively, I'll have to figure out a way to convert it, and in order to preserve the picture, that will probably mean uncompressed AVI, which, given the amount of footage, will really suck.


      Any help you can give would be appreciated.


      Buck Wyckoff

      Buckward Digital