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    Flash won't work in Chrome


      Lately I noticed that my Shockwave flash in my Chrome browser was having issues so I disabled it as was advised to and tried to install Adobe Flash as a separate app but it wont install. it keeps telling me to close all Chrome pages but they are already closed. It gets to be about %51 then stops installing.. Can you help me.?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          Google embeds Flash Player in Chrome and there isn't a separate Flash Player installer for it.  I suspect you're attempting to install the PPAPI plugin which is for Opera and other Chromium-based browsers.  It's not for Chrome.


          If you want to use Flash Player in Chrome your only option is to use the embedded version, which you've disabled.  If you provide the following information, we can investigate further:


          • Operating System, including version
          • Flash Player version installed
          • Chrome version installed
          • Detailed description of problem/behaviour experienced, including link to website(s) that reproduce the behaviour
          • Screenshot of any error returned