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    Keyboard Shortcuts not working


      InDesign CS5.5 Version 7.5

      Running on a Packard Bell Core i5 Laptop, Win10 (previously Win7)


      I've had a long term problem with my InDesign, I first noticed that the paragraph break wasn't working, but over the months began to realise that all the keyboard shortcuts dont work, in the preferences they all seem to be empty, it looks like the default set is not loading.


      I've tried the 'delete hidden files' & 'ctrl-alt-shift' methods which seem to work except they don't solve my problem.


      anyone able to give any advice? It seems like I maybe need to download a deault set of preferences from somewhere?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Owners of old programs simply have problems with Windows 10... none of which is Adobe's fault... Adobe did not change your old program to make it stop working... Microsoft changed their operating system and THAT is why your old program won't work, not because of anything Adobe did... Also... every time Microsoft issues a Win10 update, there is the risk that an old program that HAS been working after the initial Win10 upgrade will STOP working... bottom line, old programs require a matching old operating system


          An idea that MAY work to install and/or run old programs in Windows 10... works for some, not for others

          -RIGHT click the program icon or EXE and select a compatibility mode in the pop up option window

          -or Run as Administrator http://forums.adobe.com/thread/969395 to assign FULL Windows permissions may help... says Encore, but sometimes required for ALL Adobe programs (this is NOT the same as using an Administrator account)

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            goteamgaz@hotmail.com Level 1

            Yeah I get that, makes total sense. 


            Thanks for your answer!

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              John T Smith, can you explain why my MAC experiences the same kind of issues? At first I thought it was my keyboard, so I switched it out for another and the same issues happen. When I want to Scale Proportionate, or even Select > Drag > Duplicate along a horizontal or anywhere for that matter. To perform these types of actions, I have always done the following: Select object (even live type) > Select a corner > while holding down the Shift-Command keys, Select the corner(s) of any object to Scale. The object doesn't scale proportionally. Or if I take that another step I often want it scaled from the center. So I would select the object > Select a corner > Hold down the Shift-Command and Option/alt Keys, and all bets are off. It will not stay locked in a proportional state. It will stay centered, but seems like the Option/alt Key is what gets it all messed up.


              Any ideas on how to correct this? Does anyone else have a thought? I really appreciate your time on this. Thanks