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    Flash Player not installing on Mac



      Just tried installing the newest version. It just says installation failed and click "Finish" for troubleshooting. I've enabled everything in System Preferences -> Security and I'm using Safari v10.0.3 on Mac OS 10.0.5



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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          I'm assuming you mean OS X 10.10.5, not 10.0.5, yes?

          What is the name of the installer log file you are using?


          In order to troubleshoot the error, I'll need to get the installation log files from you.  Please do the following:

          1. Review the FAQ Where do I find the Flash Player installation log on the Macintosh?
          2. Configure your system to obtain the various log files (Flash_ADM.log, Flash_GDE.log, FlashPlayerInstallManager.log, and install.log).
          3. After your system is configured appropriately, run the installer again.
          4. When it returns the error close out of the installer window.
          5. Gather all of the log files, as per the FAQ
          6. Upload the log files to cloud.acrobat.com/send using the instructions at How to share a document
          7. Post the link to the uploaded files in your reply


          Thank you.