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    pausing your 12-month plan + student discount

    alexandran22785188 Level 1



      I have a question regarding pausing my plan (Creative Cloud Student and Teacher edition) - I signed up for 12 months, and have used 8 of these months so far. Is it possible to pause my plan now, and resume it (with 4 remaining months) at a later time, for example in a couple of months? I have limited access to my computer at the moment, and I don't want to waste money paying for something I cannot take fully advantage of.


      Also, what will happen when my current 12-month contract is over? Do I automatically sign up for another 12 months (unless I notify you that I want to quit it), or do I have to extend the plan myself? And if I extend the plan, can I still use my student discount, or do I have to pay full price (in other words, for how many months can I use my student discount?)


      Thank you!