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    Subscription cancellation


      I am beyond frustrated and upset. I just recently purchased the student Creative Cloud for school. The student membership is a great tool to allow these expensive products to temporarily be used at a lower price but just recently realized I can access all Adobe programs through my schools cloud so I no longer need the one I purchased. It does not make sense for me to keep paying for it. When I signed up it did not state anywhere that I would be charged over $100 to cancel. I haven't even had the program for an entire month now. I have tried calling numerous times and have gotten disconnected somehow and have given up because I simply do not have the time to sit on the phone being reconnected again and again. I don't want to keep paying money each month for something that I will not be using and I also do not have $100 to just cancel it. This is ridiculous. 


      This is a terrible business practice. Adobe clearly has many great products, Creative Cloud being one of them. There is no need to tie customers in this kind of way. Now I dont think I will ever agree to any contract on an Adobe product again after knowing this. Adobe doesnt need to trap customers into subscriptions! I truly hope that Adobe changes its membership policy, making it easy for customers to use the subscription the way they want. Until then, Im afraid that I am done paying for Adobe products.