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    What kind of PC configuration (graphics cards + RAM + CPUs) do we need for Adobe Creative Cloud?

    Ronan Plantec Level 1

      Dear Sir or Madam,


      I plan to change/upgrade my desktop's motherboard because now it is too slow and obsolet for my software environment. I purchased this motherboard: Gigabyte EP35-DS4 DELUXE rev.2.1 motherboard in April 2008 with 8 GB of RAM and an Intel Core 2 Extreme Q9650 CPU (Yorkfield).


      The motherboard manufacturer Asus has given me the following advice to purchase a new configuration desktop with Windows 8.1 Pro and the Production Premium CS6 for a dual processor:


      " Taking into consideration your email informing us about the possibility to buy an Asus motherboard and after reading all the caracteristics that you want it to fulfill, because you want to use 2 processors, we advice you to check the information about the Z10PE-D16 WS or Z10PE-D8 WS :

      Z10PE-D16 WS | Servers & Workstations | ASUS Global

      Z10PE-D8 WS | Motherboards | ASUS Global "


      And the motherboard manufacturer Gigabyte has given me also the following advice to purchase a new configuration desktop with Windows 8.1 and the Production Premium CS6:



      You can try to get an Intel X99 chipset motherboard and a CPU that does match your requirements.

      The X99 series

      Pllease note: The X99 is going EOL will soon disappear in the market.

      Please check, which of our X99 motherbaords is still available on Spain market:

      You need a model that does support 2x PCIe x16 @16 lanes like the GA-X99-Gaming 5P

      It dooes support  Windows 10/8.1/8/7Support for Windows 10/8.1/8/7

      Let us know the model, if you know, which one is available.

      We will check with our team, if the Tesla K20 can be supported.



      But it was for Windows 8.1 Pro with Production Premium CS6 but *now* I have upgraded to the *CC* and I have purchased one license of *Windows 10 Pro 64 bits* that I can exploit.


      I had given the following system requirements to Asus and Gigabyte:

      Windows 8.1 and  for Production Premium CS6 Adobe or nVidia had written this document in the past:



      NVIDIA® Maximus™ Configurations



      Adobe® Premiere® Pro (CS6 and CS 5.5.2) Adobe® After Effects (CS6)

      Adobe® SpeedGrade (CS6)


      Configure Your Workstation





      Single X86 CPU (4-6 cores)

      Single X86 CPU (6-8 cores)

      Dual X86 CPUs (8+ cores)

      8 GB RAM

      16 GB RAM

      24 GB RAM

      Quadro K2000 + Tesla K20

      Quadro K4000 + Tesla K20

      Quadro K5000 + Tesla K20

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------


      So my question is: is nVidia Quadro K5000 + nVidia Tesla K20 + 24 GB RAM + Dual X86 CPUs (8+ cores) still correct/good for Adobe CC or do we have to upgrade this because it has been given for the Production Premium CS6 and not for the CC that seems to be six new generations backwards if I believe adobe After Effects CC October 2017 (15.0) system requirements?


      I look forward to reading you


      Yours faithfully

      PS: FYI notice than now, I want also a dual processor and not a mono processor motherboard as I had in the past.