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    Auto-Renewal Trap and Heavy Cancellation Fee! Why am I being penalized?


      Dear Adobe,


      I am writing this request on behalf of my Creative Cloud student account; a0115744@u.nus.edu as I cannot reset my password due to my student email deactivation by my school after my graduation. I was using the Creative Cloud Membership when I was a student for my school work as well as for my internship purposes. The student membership is an amazing tool for me as I would not be able to afford these great applications at the regular prices. My membership expired in June-2017 after my graduation. I had no idea about the auto-renewal as I did not receive any up-front notification until I noticed I was being charged SGD40.00 a month on my bank statement. I was extremely appalled and utterly shocked. Hence, I immediately contacted the customer support through telephone regarding this matter. The customer support was even worse, instead of being “supported”, I was only being penalized for not cancelling the membership earlier. I was told I had to pay a heavy cancellation fee despite repeatedly telling them (and even pleading) that I had no idea about the auto-renewal and the cancellation fee. The customer support assistance did not seem to be bothered by my situation and insisted that I either cancel or continue my subscription. As I was already burdened with my job applications and taking care of my family, I did not what to do at that point of time and decided to leave the matter be.


      The past few months was extremely painful for me as I was being charged for a membership that I stopped using completely after graduation. Furthermore, given my family’s financial constraint, this monthly subscription fee was being a significant burden on my finance. I accepted my fate until I came across a forum thread on Adobe website (https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1662158). I found out there were many others who are facing the same issue as I am; Adobe trapping fresh graduates in a year long subscription. This is a terrible business practice and an even horrible experience for students who just graduated as they would be in a financial constraint and suffer from this expensive monthly subscription. I believe I have suffered enough and I shall be warning my friends and family regarding this trap Adobe has set up and stay away from Adobe memberships. I truly hope Adobe understands the situation people like me are in and change their membership policy. Until then, I am completely stepping away from Adobe.


      I would also like to kindly put up a request to cancel my membership and refund the membership fee as I have not been using Creative Cloud since graduation and do not have a need for it currently. This will help to ease my financial constraint. I sincerely hope you understand my situation and consider my request. I will greatly appreciate your assistance.




      Lee Hui Jun