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    Lightroom 6 - Can't export AND can't use plug in- Help needed


      Hi, Have been using Lightroom 6 for 2 years - no problems.  Set up on my laptop with all files on my laptop hardrive - plenty of space.


      Today I have had major issues  and Lightroom is all but unusable - panicking. 


      Today I updated Lightroom to the latest version and updated the Nik Collection - since then all hell has been let loose

      (1) When I try to edit to a Plug In program (e.g. Adobe Elements) - I get the message


      (2) When I try to export a file I get the message

      I am at my wits end.  I have uninstalled the Nik Collection and reinstalled my photo library to no avail.  I haven't changed any settings on my files so writing to the folder shouldn't be a problem. 


      Can any one help?