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    Acrobat Reader DC freezes my NEW Dell Windows 10 computer opening / previewing any PDF

    madelinemain Level 1

      I recently purchased a new Dell laptop with Windows 10 & Acrobat Reader DC pre-installed.  For whatever reason, I cannot preview PDF files (anywhere) or open them from a saved file within either my computer or One Drive without it completely locking up my computer for 2-10 minutes.


      This includes it lagging when I just happen to open a folder in file explorer & the first file selected just happens to be a PDF - the whole system hangs for a minute or two at least while it thinks about maybe opening a preview of that file (or maybe it's contemplating the meaning of life and death?).  It also only will give me a preview after all that time frozen every 2nd or 3rd time I try to see a preview, and that includes file previews within Outlook and File Explorer. It just says "Preview viewer unavailable". The fastest it opens anything is when it's an attachment to an outlook email - and even then it's a 30 second - 2 minute wait for the computer to become un-frozen/hung up.


      When I open the task manager it says that i'm using 100% of my total disk space (Like 3% of my available memory & maybe 15% of my available hard drive) whenever Acrobat Reader DC is running. I've uninstalled/disabled most all of the bloatware on the computer, but I've noticed the entire system runs about 30 times slower if I try running Excel at the same time.


      Honestly, I can live without the previewer, but freezing the computer all the time is becoming increasingly frustrating & I'm out of things to try. Everything I've found online is 2-3 years old at best and references Windows 7 or Vista.  I don't know exactly what is wrong, but it's making using my computer useless since I use PDF's for most of my job, and I shouldn't have to wait 10 minutes to use my computer every single time I open a file I've saved on my hard drive/One Drive. 


      I know that's a lot going on but it all seems related to this one piece of software and it's not one I can live without.


      I've tried:

      -Uninstalling, restarting & then re-installing Acrobat Reader DC with the same problem showing up as soon as I used it again.

      -Opening the PDF files from within the Acrobat Reader DC app instead of from File Explorer, with no difference in the hang-time noted.

      -Disabling ALL excess startup software/background apps (Bloatware/Crapware) that I don't use.