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    Drawing tablet moving Photoshop canvas instead of drawing/Stylus working like hand tool

    TensorialYew8 Level 1

      This problem has just recently started a week or two ago and I don't know why it's happening


      I'm using a Huion Kanvas gt-191 and a Monoprice 10594 tablet. (Photoshop CC)


      When I use the Stylus in Photoshop the canvas/screen moves around instead of drawing like it's acting like the Hand Tool but the hand doesn't appear,

      I tried other programs and the Stylus works just fine in those programs (Illustrator, Krita, and InDesign)


      I've tried shutting down my computer and trying again but that only fixes it until I zoom in/out just a tiny bit.
      Also, I tried resetting all preferences on Photoshop (did nothing),
      Also, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my drawing tablet software (did nothing)

      and also I tried turning off windows ink, that fixes it but I lose pressure sensitivity (which is crucial for me)

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