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    Offer to sell 'resources' that include videos, when paid only provide images


      Adobe Stock advertised to allow downloading 10 'resources' each month. As I specifically needed video footage I made sure it was included. I checked product description and it said pictures and videos were included in the 'resources' to download. After I subscribed to the yearly plan I found out that videos are not included (they need extra payment) and I can only download pictures. Because I do not need pictures I wanted to cancel the plan, but I could not, because I had to pay for the first month of something I have not used at all and that was sold to me with a false description. So I made the payment but still cannot cancel subscription because they want me to pay some penalty for canceling the yearly plan I do not need and I did not buy - I paid for video footage offered to me and got pictures instead. I am disappointed and I want my money back and subscription canceled.