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    Watermarks - Improving Functionality of Presets


      To the programmers...


      I would like to propose some watermark improvements.


      It should be possible to simply adjust the placement of a saved watermark without saving to a new name -OR- over-writing a previous watermark.  Sometime I just want to nudge or slightly re-size a watermark for a particular image.


      Users should have either radial buttons - or toggle boxes - or a drop-down available to ask users what they want to do after adjusting the position of a watermark:


      -Save as New Watermark

      -Apply without Saving Watermark adjustment

      (Yes, I know there is an UPDATE option at the bottom of the list of one's current saved watermarks.  I am asking for this and related options to be more conveniently located.)


      LASTLY, it would help if we could have folders or subgroups for watermarks rather than one single list.