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    creating 3 links each with pop-up text box on the same slide




      I'm trying to create a slide that has 3 links and each link has a pop-up text box. I do not want to separate the pop-up text into separate slides. I have it so that there are 3 click boxes and each have the action "show" the proper text box. I also created another click box that acts as a close button where the action is to hide the pop-up box. I have an extra click box hidden on the page to make sure the user stays on the page and not automatically advance.

      Once I have the user click on the first "link" it shows the text box. Once the user clicks the close click box it takes the user to the next slide. I just need it so that it shows the user the pop-up text and then when the user closes the pop-up and returns to showing the 3 options/links. So it basically refreshes the slide instead of going to the next slide.



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          This will be a little tricky to achieve. This is because per default Adobe has decided that any interactive object (like a button or a click box) that has a user defined action on it (like continue, pause, open URL etc.) automatically continues to play the project when clicked.


          Therefore when you click your button it will show your textbox, but it will also continue to play on your timeline.


          You can read some more about it here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/479725?tstart=0


          I did something similar to what you want one time and I just created a bunch of click boxes and made them very small and put them in a corner. The click boxes were placed on the timeline with 0.2 seconds between the pauses. Then I created my "real" buttons to show/hide the text boxes and placed them on the timeline before the other click boxes.


          The result is that once a user clicks your button it will show the text caption you want - continue on the timeline and pause at the first click box. When they click another button the same will happen. Just make sure that you have a lot of click boxes (I think I put like 30) and make sure that your navigation button for advancing to the next slide is set to "go to next slide" and not "continue" as that would make it pause at all your click boxes as well.




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