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    Consistent Flash 10.1/Firefox Crash

    JCDietz Level 1

      Our application, which has run fine for the last year on all browsers and flash combinations, suddenly completely crashes any time we try to load it.  It was build using Flex 3 and hasn't generally had stability problems, but now in one configuration in will not load:

      Flash Version: 10.1 (just updated it today)

      OS: Windows XP

      Browser: Firefox 3.6.4 (newest, updated today)


      I've reproduced this crash on three systems.  Firefox Mac works fine, IE 7 on Windows works fine.

      The app is at http://veracity.adometry.com/ and it crashes on startup with:

      "The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed. No report available. Reload the page or try again"


      Anyone seeing something similar?

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