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    FAQ: How do I diagnose and resolve an OpenGL-related error?

    Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

      If any of the following error messages appears upon launching Character Animator or when trying to display a scene in the Scene panel or open the Puppet panel:

      • "OpenGL setup failed -- the Scene panel will likely be blank. Updating your graphics card driver may fix this issue. See adobe.com/go/ch_opengl for details."
      • "OpenGL setup failed -- Scene panel will likely be blank. Updating your graphics card driver may fix this, unless you're using Remote Desktop."
      • "OpenGL setup failed -- Character Animator requires a display set to at least 32-bit color. See adobe.com/go/ch_opengl for details."
      • "AIF/OpenGL error -- graphics card driver may need updating."

      it is usually due to older/obsolete graphics drivers or the OpenGL capabilities of your graphics card/chipset not being enough for Character Animator. OpenGL version 3.2 or later should be supported. If you are connecting to a Windows machine over a Remote Desktop connection, it might be because the Remote Desktop Connection's Display setting for Color is set to True Color (24-bit) or less.


      To diagnose and resolve OpenGL-related issues, try the following:

      • Install the latest supported/qualified graphics driver for your graphics card/chipset. Check for the latest OS updates, graphics/display updates available on your computer manufacturer's web site (e.g., from Dell, Lenovo, etc.) or chipset manufacturer's web site (e.g., from Intel, NVIDIA, or AMD). Confirm that the OpenGL support is at least v3.2.
      • (Windows only) Check that your monitor is not running at High Color (16 bit) or Thousands of colors. If it is, switch it to True Color (32 bit) or Millions of colors. For example, on Windows 7 or 8.x, right-click on the Desktop, choose "Screen resolution", click "Advanced settings", click the "Monitor" tab, then look for the "Colors" setting.
      • (Windows only) Do not launch Character Animator over Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) or in a virtual environment (e.g., VMWare, Hyper-V, etc.). If you do try to launch over RDC, make sure the Remote Desktop Connection's Display setting for Color is set to Highest Quality (32-bit).
      • Try quitting other graphics-intensive applications (e.g., effects and editing applications, web browsers with several tabs open, etc.), and possibly launching Character Animator after a machine restart but before launching other applications.
      • Try the steps outlined in this thread.


      If the OpenGL-related error continues to appear, and you have a graphics card/chipset more than a few years old, it might not have the available OpenGL capabilities for the application.


      To help us diagnose the issue on Windows, try running the GLview utility (OpenGL Extensions Viewer - Download), taking a screenshot of the Summary page, then clicking the Report task link in the left sidebar, and then copying the Report info (right-side box) for us to examine. Please create a bug report for this information.


      Also, see this related document: FAQ: Why is my scene not showing anything or not showing my puppets?