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    Flash Player permissions issues recurring?


      Hi Adobe,


      Many members have posted having permissions issues when installing Adobe Flash Player on a MAC or Windows.

      For example;

      How do I fix Windows permission problems with Flash Player?

      How to fix installation problem of 'not enough permissions to write disk?'

      Please help.. Error when installing Adobe Flash Player: 'Failed to Register'



      Does ADOBE have a patch fix for this problem yet?  Will the latest upgrade (I think 19) fix this problem?



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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi hibou0953,


          The links you post are to several different issues.  What is the exact error you are getting?  Please post a screenshot (see The specified item was not found.).

          Flash Player requires Admin permissions to install.  Please ensure the user has Admin permissions.

          Do you have anti-virus software installed?  If so,  we have found that some anti-virus software interferes with Flash Player installations.  Please try disabling it and then installing Flash Player.


          Upload the FlashInstall.log file saved at C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash directory using the instructions The specified item was not found..  If this is a 64-bit system there is another FlashInstall.log file saved at C:\Windows\SysWoW64\Macromed\Flash.  Both files are required from a 64-bit OS.