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    Opera browser updated and now I can't get flash player to install

    lisah49386807 Level 1

      My opera browser had an update and now that I have rebooted the computer the flash player does not work and I get a message that I need to install flash player when I go to facebook to play one of the games I get a message stating that I need to update/install Adobe Flash to enable my Flash Player Experience.


      I have gone to the Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions and tried installing that version, but I still get the same message and if I go to  Flash Player Help to check to see if it is installed it says that it is not installed on my computer.  (it also states that I am running windows 8 but my system is windows 10 now).

      I have followed the steps to make sure that it is enabled in Opera and that is not the problem.


      I have gone to Adobe Flash Player Install for all versions to download the player from there and do that install and it too has been unsuccessful. 


      I have tried uninstalling and then installing the player multiple times.  I have used the uninstaller that I found at Uninstall Flash Player for Windows and then followed the steps there - but I was unable to delete all the files found in C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash so I renamed the folder to flash.old


      I am not sure exactly what is meant for the next step  (am I supposed to delete those files / folders as well?)

      Follow steps a, b, and c for the following:
      %appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player
      %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player



      I have also followed the steps I found at https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2283833

      I have also tried the download found at http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer.html

      Download Adobe Flash Player 28 Beta for Desktops - Adobe Labs


      After uninstalling the program - both with the uninstaller or from control panel, I am rebooting the computer, then installing the download and the browser is not open while doing this.   I have then opened the browser and checked to see if it is installed by going back to Flash Player Help  and it still shows as not being installed.  I have then tried again but rebooting the computer after the install and then checking with the same results.  I have even disabled my anti-virus program during the install and that has not helped.


      I have been trying for the past 3 hours to get the darn flash player to install and work with no luck at all.  It is showing as being installed in Control Panel     Programs and Features.    

      I have tried the 3 different downloads





      but nothing is working.  Below are the screen shots that may or may not help

      flash not installed.JPG


      opera settings for flash.JPG

      programs and features.JPG

      sys wow folder.JPG

      sys32 macromed flash.JPG