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    Is Flash Player Update tied to default browser?  - Flash not auto updating when Chrome is default

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      I manage machines for an organization where most users do not have admin rights.  I have set up Flash player to install updates automatically.  According to this (dated) article


      How does the automatic update feature work in Flash Player?

      "Normal Flash Player installations require an administrator account. However, automatic updates are performed even if the user is logged in with a standard account."

      So I think my clients should be updating to version 18 automatically.  However when I check I see that they have not updated.  After looking at this some more I realize that when I use the control panel to check for updates it launches Chrome which is our default browser.  Well of course Chrome is up to date because Google takes care of that.  However if I launch IE and paste the check version URL into IE I see that flash is not up to date.  So then I try to run update from IE and when it completes it launches a page in Chrome again.  So it looks to me like Flash player is using whatever browser is configured as the default browser to check with Adobe for updates.  However this will never work if a user has Chrome as their default browser and also has flash player installed separately for IE.

      Do you understand my point?  How can I get Flash player to automatically update when a new version is available even if my default browser is set to Chrome?